MetLife Premier Client Group of Upstate New York

The MetLife Premier Client Group of Upstate New York is a full service financial services agency. In a world of advanced technology and services delivered with the click of a button we mirror the tradition of MetLife by meeting with our clients face to face and building strong, long-term relationships with them.  

Our team of financial professionals is dedicated to meeting the needs of people who reside in our diverse community. Our wealth of knowledge and experience assists our clients with whatever their financial needs may be - from Auto & Home Insurance to Estate Preservation.

We go beyond serving our clients. We make every effort to educate them about their financial options. We strive to help clients make the best decisions based on their own unique and individual circumstances. We hope to empower clients, helping them to recognize that they are ultimately in control of their own financial destiny.

Our Financial Services Representatives are dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives. To building strong, long-term relationships with our clients, and to enable them to make conscious, deliberate decisions about their financial future. We accomplish this by continuing to build our firm on a foundation of integrity.

The MetLife Premier Client Group of Upstate New York consists of people just like you, with families just like you, who care just like you.


MetLife Premier Client Group is the distribution channel name for the offices of MLIC ( Metropolitan Life Insurance Company).

* Brokers listed on this site are not employees of MetLife. They are brokers registered with MetLife Securities ( MSI).